Wayfinding on Campus: How Texas A&M University Welcomes Campus Visitors

June 13, 2022

Texas A&M University’s move to the Southeastern Conference (SEC) changed the college football landscape. It also presented the university and its partner cities Bryan and College Station with a new challenge. How do we guide football fans to historic downtowns, retail areas, and tourist destinations across two cities and a sprawling college campus? Initial plans…

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How a Texas City Installed Dozens of Wayfinding Signs in DOT Right of Way

April 5, 2022

Waxahachie, Texas, is a community of nearly 40,000 residents on the southern edge of Dallas. It’s the last stop in town for travelers headed south on I-35 to Waco, Austin, or San Antonio. Waxahachie partnered with NSP to capture I-35 traffic and direct it toward the city’s historic downtown and destinations like Navarro College, Chautauqua…

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Wayfinding RFPs 101: How to Issue Your City’s Wayfinding Request for Proposal

February 21, 2022

Ah, the dreaded request for proposal process. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, your city’s wayfinding RFP or RFQ is a necessary component of designing and implementing a successful municipal wayfinding and placemaking signage system.  There’s an art to creating a request for proposal that yields the result your municipality seeks. Before you issue your city’s…

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Time Saving Tips for Civic Wayfinding and Placemaking Project Schedules

November 17, 2021

A robust civic wayfinding and placemaking system can accelerate economic development for your community by orienting residents and visitors and driving them into your commercial core. City planners often think that wayfinding and placemaking projects are expensive investments with never-ending timelines – and, to be fair, they are a major undertaking. But there are ways to…

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Three Use Cases for Wayfinding Signage in Multimodal Transportation Systems

August 13, 2021

Unlike automobile-oriented systems that prioritize vehicular traffic over other forms of transportation, multimodal transportation systems incorporate walking, cycling, and public transit equally.  These different modes of transportation require different approaches to wayfinding signage. At NSP, we apply a three-tiered hierarchy to wayfinding in multimodal transportation systems. The Directional Tier focuses on vehicular orientation. Route functionality…

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Three Keys to Integrating Your Digital Marketing and Weekend Sign Strategies

July 20, 2021

While digital advertising and social media budgets steadily increase, weekend directional signs continue to deliver two-thirds of weekend traffic to new home developments. Are these two critical elements of your marketing mix connected?  Weekend signage creates the bridge between your digital marketing and foot traffic to sales offices and model homes. Even in a housing…

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3 Reasons Your City Needs a Wayfinding Sign System

July 6, 2021

Municipal wayfinding signage systems motivate residents and visitors toward higher engagement and increased daily spending.  Through directional wayfinding signs, gateways and entrances, public art pieces, pedestrian map kiosks, and connected digital experiences, wayfinding systems help to:  Reduce travel frustrations – getting lost, finding parking, etc. – that impact return visits. Motivate traffic to enter retail…

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Weekend Sign Fails: 3 Embarrassing Tactics to Drop Right Now

May 23, 2021

Your weekend sign options haven’t changed much in the last 50 years … and for good reason. After all, 80% of all weekend foot traffic is driven by your good ol’ fashioned snipes, bootlegs, and bandits. However, despite five decades of proven success, weekend directional signs are constantly being tinkered with. Sadly, it’s often non-strategic…

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Is My Small City Big Enough for Wayfinding Signage?

May 18, 2021

Wayfinding and placemaking signage projects often moved to the backburner as budget tightened early in the pandemic. However, with residents continuing to flee major urban centers, small cities and suburban and exurban towns have an unexpected opportunity to invest in their communities.  Even for small cities, wayfinding and placemaking signage systems help to improve citizen…

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Pedestrian Signs: 4 Ways to Support Walkability in Your City

January 7, 2021

Although planes, trains, and automobiles are America’s most popular transportation modes, there are a growing number of people traveling by foot. Do your pedestrian signs support these citizens? From the popularity of wearable fitness technology to the promotion of civic walking programs to increased interest in car-less lifestyles, cities must consider how they are supporting walkability and…

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