Home Builder Sign Policy that Works for Cities and Developers

homebuilder directional plaza in texas

Temporary home builder signs drive as much as 75% of traffic to new subdivisions.

Sadly, the bright colors, waving flags, and large-font calls to action also create unattractive and off-brand signage clutter that deters potential new residents.

What are high-growth municipalities to do?

A strong but fair home builder sign policy allows home builders to drive new home buyers to active developments without sacrificing the clean streets that potential residents demand. Here’s how to craft your home builder sign policy.

First, Develop and Document Your Civic Brand.

Civic branding is key to residential growth. After all, most home buyers choose which area they’d like to live in – based on job opportunities, the local school district, civic amenities, and more – before they choose which home they’d like to purchase.

Buying a home is about buying a lifestyle, so high-growth cities need to consider the image that they’re promoting.  

If you develop a firm understanding of your civic brand, home builders will happily incorporate your city’s positioning and messaging into their signage and other marketing materials with or without policy mandates.

Resist the Urge to Ban All Signage.

As stated above, as much as 75% of traffic to new developments comes from temporary directional signage. Home builders are dependent on this form of marketing. You certainly don’t want to deny your partners the opportunity to engage with their target audience.

A strict ban on directional signs is not an option for pro-growth communities. While some “anti-sign” cities have seen very successful growth over the past decades, those that manage signage with strong policy outpace the rest of the group.

Homes are not purchased online. Environmental graphics and directional signage are the final link in the chain leading a potential home buyer to investigate an area in which they would like to live.

Implement a Pro-Growth Home Builder Sign Policy.

A pro-growth city is an inviting place to live – as long as growth is managed. Few things signal a lack of civic oversight like rights-of-way cluttered with temporary home builder signage.

Flimsy home builder sign policy drives clutter, endangers
DOT and MUTCD compliance, and bogs down your code enforcement officers in writing fines. A uniform home builder sign policy regulates design and placement without taking away the marketing benefits of directional signage.

Our home builder directional sign program helps high-growth communities reign in temporary directional signage without hindering growth.

Waxahachie, Texas, city manager Michael Scott called the program “a unique solution to the growing problem of homebuilder ‘snipe’ signs.”

home builder sign plaza in arizona

Does Your City Have a Home Builder Sign Policy?

If your city doesn’t have a home builder sign policy, we can help you develop one. Learn more about our residential development solutions.

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