The NSP Homebuilder Directional Sign Program

Clear the Signage Clutter Without Alienating Your Home Builders.

Temporary rogue signage can really clutter your streets – especially in a housing boom.

The NSP Homebuilder Directional Sign Program reigns in chaotic signage without alienating your home builders.

  • Generate revenue for your city – at no cost to you.
  • Meet all DOT/MUTCD safety requirements.
  • Simplify enforcement of temporary signage codes.

The mayor of Surprise, Ariz., called the program: “One of those few opportunities to solve a problem and at the same time please everyone involved.”

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temporary sign management policy

Reign in Temporary Signage!

Contact us to protect your city streets from chaotic homebuilder signage.

Queen Creek, Arizona

Creating Order from Chaotic Growth in a Housing Boom

See how Queen Creek adapted to a population boom that brought home builder signage clutter and a new roadway that diverted traffic from its historic downtown.

The NSP Homebuilder Directional Sign Program

A Win-Win Solution for Cities and Builders.

“One of those few opportunities to solve a problem and at the same time please everyone involved.”
Joan H. Shafer, Mayor, City of Surprise

The boom in new home construction has led to a boom in home builder signage clutter.

Temporary directional signs are critical for home builders to drive traffic to their sales offices, but they come at a cost to your city. Left unchecked, these signs create a broken window effect on your streets and deter home shoppers from buying in your community.

Since 1997, National Sign Plazas has rescued cities nationwide from the blight of temporary home builder signage by coordinating residential development systems that communicate the developer’s sales message while unifying visual civic branding.

Our home builder directional sign program is a fully-managed no-cost solution that helps you reign in chaotic weekend and offsite home builder signage – without alienating the builders upon whom your economy relies.

  • Generates revenue for the city – and doesn’t cost you a dime.
  • Meets DOT/MUTCD safety requirements and reinforces civic branding.
  • Simplifies code enforcement and illegal sign management headaches.
  • Designed, installed, and managed by local NSP staff.

Endorsed by the residential development community, our program is designed as an added value to your city’s community development goals, allowing your city to build revenue for investment in other beautification efforts such as public art, landscaping and wayfinding.

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