Civic Wayfinding and Placemaking that Accelerates Economic Growth.

“The design component of our wayfinding system matches the rich and historic heritage of Kerrville.”
Ashlea Boyle, Main Street Director, Kerrville

When most cities hear “wayfinding”, they think directional signage. However, directional signage is only one piece of moving people through your civic experiences.

A robust civic wayfinding and placemaking system orients and motivates residents and visitors. 

Through strategically-placed and beautifully-designed directional signage, gateways and entrances, public art pieces, pedestrian maps, and connected experiences, NSP wayfinding and placemaking solutions accelerate economic development.

  • Improve User Engagement. Proper signage improves the user experience by reducing travel frustrations – getting lost, failing to find parking, etc. – that impact return visits.
  • Increase Daily Spending. Cities thrive when local businesses capture resident and tourist dollars. Help your visitors discover unique events, attractions, and shopping areas.
  • Reinforce Civic Branding. Wayfinding and placemaking is about more than navigation. It’s about reinforcing your civic brand to create a sense of place in your community.

When you work with NSP, your wayfinding and placemaking system will enhance the user experience, leading to greater spending and delivering true ROI on the project. 

And our design/build methodology means we support you throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle – from route mapping and sign design to fabrication and installation. That way, you’ll get an actual implementation and not be stuck with just a plan.

Kerrville, Texas

Revitalizing a Historic Downtown in Texas Wine Country

See how Kerrville partnered with NSP throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle – from route mapping and sign design to fabrication and installation.

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We partner with high-growth communities to reinforce civic branding, increase daily spending, and accelerate economic growth.

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