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Three Keys to Integrating Your Digital Marketing and Weekend Sign Strategies

July 20, 2021

While digital advertising and social media budgets steadily increase, weekend directional signs continue to deliver two-thirds of weekend traffic to new home developments. Are these two critical elements of your marketing mix connected?  Weekend signage creates the bridge between your digital marketing and foot traffic to sales offices and model homes. Even in a housing…

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Weekend Sign Fails: 3 Embarrassing Tactics to Drop Right Now

May 23, 2021

Your weekend sign options haven’t changed much in the last 50 years … and for good reason. After all, 80% of all weekend foot traffic is driven by your good ol’ fashioned snipes, bootlegs, and bandits. However, despite five decades of proven success, weekend directional signs are constantly being tinkered with. Sadly, it’s often non-strategic…

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Urban Exodus: Marketing New Homes as America Reopens

June 23, 2020

With stay-at-home orders lifting across the country, we’ve entered a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic recovery. And the new phase includes a shift in home buying priorities that may signal a new urban exodus.  Your home is a tangible physical manifestation of your vision for the future. The home buyer is making a down…

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Why Virtual Home Tours Won’t Fill Your Funnel

May 20, 2020

The home builder industry has responded to the coronavirus pandemic with tremendous digital innovation in how new homes are sold and marketed.  The digital innovation trend has a glaring blind spot though.  Virtual home tours and e-closings have enabled highly-engaged individuals ready to buy. However, they don’t add fresh prospects to the funnel because they…

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POV: New Home Sales During and After Coronavirus

April 20, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has shocked the home builder industry, but each individual developer has responded in its own unique way. Some builders have paused new home construction while others are proceeding with projects in order to capitalize on the coming economic rebound. Meanwhile, almost all builders have closed sales offices in at least one market. …

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City Branding and You: What Home Builders and Developers Need to Know

December 1, 2019

For most Americans, choosing where to relocate is a complex process. To best position themselves to compete for these new residents, municipal governments invest in city branding and marketing initiatives that differentiate their city against others. As a home builder or developer, you can leverage these city branding efforts to get more bang for your…

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How Home Builders Bridge the Gap from Online Marketing to Weekend Foot Traffic

July 8, 2019

Directional signage was once responsible for over 80% of traffic to home builders’ sales offices. Today, directional signage has fallen out of fashion in favor of digital advertising and social media. While these new online marketing tactics have immense value, your signage campaign is the critical bridge between your digital efforts and the prospective home…

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The Millennial Home Buyers’ Wish List

May 15, 2019

Millennials. They’ve grown up in the technology boom. They’ve never been far from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. And they’ve been in the first-time home buyer market for almost two years now.Home builders nationwide are asking themselves: What’s on the Millennial home buyers’ wish list?  While there is a litany of information about what Gen Y…

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