How Home Builders Bridge the Gap from Online Marketing to Weekend Foot Traffic

Directional signage was once responsible for over 80% of traffic to home builders’ sales offices.

Today, directional signage has fallen out of fashion in favor of digital advertising and social media. While these new online marketing tactics have immense value, your signage campaign is the critical bridge between your digital efforts and the prospective home buyer’s arrival at your sales office.

Here are four steps you can take to bridge the gap between online marketing and weekend sales traffic.

1. Understand Sociology, Not Just Social Media.

New home buyers seek out cities and areas that they would like to live in before they ever consider the home that they want to buy or the builder that they want to buy from.

Their desire to live in an area is based on the city’s branding around assets such as good schools, well-managed public spaces, or a thriving downtown. You have to understand why someone wants to live in the city before you can understand how to move them from online marketing to your sales office.

2. Leverage the Three Critical Signage Types.

Effective signage campaigns are made up of three equally important elements – directional signage, informative signage, and brand-relevant signage.

These signage types help your email subscriber or Facebook follower identify and maintain their route, understand the most basic features of the development, and understand how those features relate to your brand.
Neglecting any one element lessens the likelihood that leads generated through online marketing will reach your sales office.

3. Clean Up Your Signage Mess.

When potential residents visit your city, they want pleasant scenery and vibrant spaces. They don’t want a visual clutter of temporary signage.

Rampant and unmanaged signage detracts from a visitor’s engagement and dampens their willingness to explore further – often before they ever reach your sales office.

When you organize your signage system based on strategy rather than on volume placement, you save money and keep your online leads on the path to your sales office.

4. Integrate Online Messaging into Your Signage.  

Thanks to online marketing, home buyers – especially Millennial home buyers – are bringing more and more information with them into your sales office. They’ve read your website, seen your search advertising, and engaged with your social media campaigns.

It’s imperative that the branding and messaging in these online assets aligns with the experience consumers have with your signage.

Are your online marketing and weekend sign strategies integrated?

If not, we can help. Learn how we help home builders like you connect your online marketing and weekend sign strategies. Explore the NSP Route Algorithm™ now!

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