When developing a wayfinding system specific to pedestrians, your city must transition its message from a large audience to an individual conversation. Often these systems require placemaking and conversion strategies focused on converting a historically vehicular environment into a pedestrian friendly area.

Whether delivered through a digital, touch screen kiosk, a mobile application or a connected environment such as augmented reality, the pedestrian wayfinding system establishes a specific engagement platform that strives to start a one-on-one conversation. The goal of the interaction between the system and the individual is to intentionally engage the user and develop a unique experience that motivates a relationship and a desire to invest in more experiences.

With National Sign Plazas, your city’s experiential wayfinding strategy is designed to support your civic agenda by helping you highlight the experiences that you want people to have within a given environment in order to increase individual spending and drive economic growth.

How we create that experience is by understanding human behavior and the social dynamics that lead people to make rational or irrational decisions based on what choices they make within their environment. For example, what choices to people make when they feel comfortable walking through your city’s downtown shopping area? What different choices would they make if they suddenly became lost in the same area? When answering such questions, all successful systems understand and communicate to the social and environmental needs of the user.

Knowing how to project individual behaviors enables us to guide you through developing a pedestrian wayfinding system that connects to your city’s economic and civic brand strategies.

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