Win-Win Solutions for Home Builders and Cities.

“It’s an excellent win-win solution. The benefits of the NSP program to homebuilders and municipalities alike are numerous.” 
Peter Schwartz, CEO, Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago

The relationship between homebuilders and municipal governments is symbiotic. Both parties need each other.

Sadly, at times, the relationship devolves into miscommunication and conflict based on what seem like competing agendas. 

Through strong relationships and experiential knowledge of state, county, and municipal governments nationwide, NSP bridges the divide between home builders and municipalities. We help home builders like you to: 

  • Navigate the local regulatory environment and avoid compliance headaches.
  • Ensure 24/7 city-endorsed sign placement.
  • Negotiate right-of-way use agreements for off-site sign placement.

NSP is proud to work on behalf of the residential construction industry in high-growth communities nationwide. Keep reading to learn about our advocacy efforts.

Home Builder Directional Sign Program. 


In high-growth communities, temporary home builder signage may cause aesthetic challenges and compliance issues. We advocate on behalf of the residential construction industry to prevent the prohibition of the signage that is so critical to our sales efforts. 

Since 1997, our home builder directional sign program has provided home builders with a practical and reliable means of implementing attractive directional signage. And it’s offered cities a consistent and manageable solution to signage issues without the code enforcement headaches.

If you’re located in one of the dozens of municipalities that have implemented NSP’s home builder directional sign program, we’re pleased to work with you.

With national scope, plus boots on the ground in your community, we offer a single point of contact for all your directional and sales signage needs.

Meet our home builders.

We partner with home builders in America’s fastest-growing communities – from respected regional firms to every one of the nation’s 30 largest residential developers.

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