A vehicular wayfinding system’s primary focus is to collect, direct and orient people within their environment. For the system to be successful, it must not only identify how to locate known destinations, but how to promote and develop interest in lesser known areas of the system. The wayfinding hierarchy must be able to connect with citizens, tourists, students and passersby at a vehicular level in order for further goals to be achieved.

There is a common misconception that the application of vehicular wayfinding and experiential graphic design is merely to place directional signage along the streets of a dense, urban landscape. In reality, it is the quieter attractions within the more suburban areas that need the most attention. Furthermore, it is the smaller cities that must be able to achieve their wayfinding goals in order to develop ROI. Each city’s wayfinding program is truly unique and every community has their own identity, needs and reasons for developing their wayfinding program.

Whether your city has been contemplating a new wayfinding for years, changing demographics require you to deploy a second phase to your existing system or your economic development strategy is in need of an engagement platform, NSP will be able to help.

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