Is your civic strategy missing a huge opportunity to use parks and recreation areas to engage with an already captive audience?

Parks and recreation are natural magnets for events that draw people from within the city and beyond city limits. Developing wayfinding strategies within your recreation areas offers an idle audience opportunities to engage with your strategies and connect with your city. Our wayfinding strategies are built on first engaging your audience and then redirecting them to other areas of the city, all with the purpose of increasing their willingness to explore your city, return to your city and spend money in your city.

Visitors of a local park or recreation area are likely to make their way to your sports complex or city center only to discover that their time in each area is interconnected. Investors taking part in a conference may discover local artwork lining a recently developed downtown walkway, inspiring them to give more to help improve your city’s growth. Utilizing NSP’s strategic combination of data-collection programs such as NSP GEO and economic development strategies that target and retarget this captive audience allow your city to maximize the value of an individual when they are engaged within a parks and recreation area.

NSP can also develop engagement strategies within your parks and recreation spaces, strategies that can be used through an “opt in” platform. Helping guests organize activities such as renting a picnic space, locating field information for a tournament or understanding park rules can all be built into a mobile app branded to your city. When visitors “opt-in” or register to receive information about your city, the engagement process allows you to build even more value with your audience.

Allowing visitors to come and go from your city’s parks and recreation areas without giving them the chance to spend time getting to know more of what your city has to offer is a missed opportunity to engage with them, improve your civic brand image and generate additional economic revenue.


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