When most cities think about wayfinding, the first thing that often comes to mind is directional signage. However, directional signage is only one piece of the puzzle required to answer the question, “Now that visitors are here, what are we going to do with them?”

Your city’s objectives include everything from building civic engagement to accelerating economic growth. Developing a smart wayfinding strategy allows you to optimize your overall civic agenda. By utilizing today’s newest technologies, your experiential system can deliver time and location specific messages. All of these features work together within your civic environment to create an enhanced user experience. After the your city’s signage leads a tourist or citizen through the city and onto their destination, your system needs to continue to engage them in order to advance your civic strategies.

By focusing on the user experience, your wayfinding system and your wayfinding strategy are layered within actions that reinforces their connection with your city. By developing this relationship through an experiential system, you give your visitors a real reason to return and invest in more experiences.

National Sign Plazas offers experiential and strategic solutions with a design/plan/build business model specifically developed to help your city achieve its goals through a clearly defined visitor experience.

Wayfinding Systems

Each wayfinding system is unique and the goal of each wayfinding system must be crafted to reflect the individuality of our clients. Transitioning motorists to pedestrians, predicting user behavior and building economic development within your city are all critical components when setting the stage for user engagement.

Civic Brand Strategies

In order to develop a meaningful relationship with your community, your civic brand strategies must be integrated with the experiential strategy. Understanding your civic brand score will allow your city to position itself for positive developments in every direction.

Data Collection

Understanding use of space before your project begins will directly affect the overall strategy of your wayfinding system, help identify the specific needs of all users and drive your economic growth plans.

Strategic Mobile Platforms

The strategic use of mobile platforms within your city allows you to gather data, communicate precise messages with specific audiences and motivate engagement through an enhanced visitor experience.

Begin the process of developing your city’s experiential wayfinding solution and drive engagement and economic growth.
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