Civic engagement is crucial to the success of any wayfinding campaign. That’s why NSP has developed leading edge technology that optimizes your city’s directional wayfinding system with live data collected throughout your visitor’s experience. Your city will be better informed to determine space planning strategies with an effective experiential system that will work to drive maximum ROI and achieve your city’s economic objectives.

NSP GEO is our newest innovation that will have a direct effect on your wayfinding and engagement strategies. Utilizing layers of technology including beacons and camera systems, we are able to track users within a closed environment, learn from their behavior and incorporate this data into your strategic plan. NSP GEO can also directly communicate with individual users providing time relevant and location specific information to the end user’s mobile device. With NSP GEO, your city is prepared to engage.

Information gathered from this beaconing system combined with traditional wayfinding elements, gives cities all across the U.S. the upper hand in developing a remarkable, highly customized end user experience. The result is a wayfinding system that is tailored to the experiences that you create for your community, strengthening your civic brand and driving economic growth.

The advantage of NSP GEO is city officials can now be laser focused with their planning strategy during the wayfinding developmental process. When utilizing the new NSP GEO system, your city will:

  • Utilize real-time data to decipher human behavior
  • Have detailed focus on how your wayfinding system will drive ROI
  • Increase civic engagement
  • Reduce wayfinding budget expenses
  • Attract more businesses and visitors to your city

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