National Sign Plazas is dedicated to giving back to our communities in a big way. That’s why we started GETOgether, our charitable initiative to help those who need support in our communities.

Every quarter, each of our 8 regional office divisions around the country choose a local charity where we donate our time and resources to fundraisers and community outreach events.

Through GETOgether, we’ve helped out in big and small ways. Our teams have helped feed the homeless, build homes and churches in underdeveloped communities, and even repair wheels and gears for those whose only mode of transportation is their bicycle. These are just a few examples of how we are saying thank you to the people in our communities, cities and counties that have supported National Sign Plazas since 1997.

We’re on a mission to grow our charitable organization and do more good with GETOgether for our communities.

If you’d like to partner with our team on a GETOgether campaign or participate in our next GETOgether event to help our communities, contact our team at

Give us a call and learn more about the GETogether initiative.

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