ParkIt’s no secret that unique green spaces and inviting recreational areas are a major attraction for a city’s residents and visitors. It is estimated that the nation’s local and regional parks create nearly 140 billion dollars in economic activity per year and support almost one million jobs throughout the United States. However, many cities often put the planning of these spaces on the back burner. In order to get the most out of your parks and recreational spaces, considering the following:

  1. Plan the masses – Parks are more than just playgrounds and should be designed for everyone. Facilities that offer a variety of activities for users of different ages seem to have greater community participation. Work to plan segmented spaces that allow for play, exercise, social gatherings and special events.
  1. Focus on the activities – Parks and other greenspace developments in urban settings seem to benefit most from amenities such as; walking trails and spaces that allow residents to gather for social events. During the planning process, be sure to consider what types of activities are at the top resident’s to-do lists when visiting a park and plan accordingly.
  1. Don’t skimp on the planning – Studying the leisure and recreational habits of perspective users is a critical, yet often overlooked aspect of park planning. A dormant or unused park or recreation facility can have an adverse impact on future economic development. Even when budgets are a concern, don’t skimp on the planning process for your city’s recreational spaces. Proper planning will avoid costly mistake, as well as work to ensure that the new park will be considered an asset vs. a liability.
  1. Green is good – Keeping your “green space” truly green is becoming an important consideration when planning a new park. Use of synthetic products like tire rubber turf could make a facility less desirable for some users. Give some thought to use of renewable resources that are environmentally friendly and work to keep a natural look and feel to the surrounding area.

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