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A wayfinding system is a multi-functional solution comprised of signage, public art and other civic features. It orients people and helps them transition from driving or walking and while giving them the necessary information to get where they need to go.
A good wayfinding system gives all of the necessary indicators to let someone know where they currently are and how to get to their desired destination. They also work to help tell the story of a brand through colors, copy, placement and lighting. A sign is a static feature with a singular function. When placing generic signage, it is important to remember that visitors do not have the same level of interaction and experience as they will with a compressive wayfinding system.
First impressions are everything! Which is why cities and homebuilders want to give visitors the necessary information that will spur them to take action. From visiting the local City Hall to finding the sales office, properly installed wayfinding systems always work to provide people with enough information to get to where they need to go. Wayfinding systems facilitate a positive civic brand.
There are a number of advantages to installing a unique and comprehensive wayfinding system;

  • Visitors Satisfaction – Proper signage will help visitors to have a more positive experience by reducing instances of getting lost and travel frustrations, often resulting in frequent return visits.
  • Economic Development – Implementing a strategy to help attract business and capture resident and tourist dollars, is essential to the success of any city. A properly designed wayfinding system makes the environment “legible” and helps visitors discover unique events, attractions, parking and shopping areas, resulting in continued growth for cities and builders, alike.
  • Cohesive Brand Identity – Wayfinding is a lot more than just a randomly placed sign! Developing an identity or a “brand,” is an essential aspect of all successful wayfinding programs. At NSP, we combine marketing, consensus building, identity, planning, function, design and installation to help define your brand… and help visitors efficiently navigate public and private spaces.

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