Headquartered in Colorado, National Sign Plazas was founded in 1997 by William C. Plate to help revolutionize how cities built and managed their wayfinding systems. He worked tirelessly to find a comprehensive signage solution for cities that were struggling with explosive new growth. Since then, our team has optimized experiential wayfinding systems with a comprehensive design/plan/build service model to meet the needs of every community nationwide.

With 8 regional offices across the country, National Sign Plazas will help your city implement a strategically branded experiential wayfinding system focused on enhancing visitor engagement and driving economic growth while lowering costs and time to completion by offering advanced technology solutions that make your system smarter and more effective. Whether your city needs support with branding, design, planning, construction or ongoing assessments, National Sign Plazas is here to help your city along the way.

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Staff Bios

Eleanor Hayzlett
Eleanor HayzlettCEO of National Sign Plazas

In her role as CEO, Eleanor Hayzlett has spent more than 15 years assisting cities, counties and companies in creating unique and inspired wayfinding systems that help the public in locating new communities and housing. Building on her two years in the field as the Marketing and Sales Manager for the Western Region, Hayzlett offers an expertise that client’s value when planning their directional signage campaigns.

Clients also benefit from her knowledge of graphic design and employee training, due to an early business role at Arrow Graphics.

Hayzlett graduated Cum Laude with a Communications degree from the University of Colorado, Denver.

Grant Hayzlett
Grant HayzlettPresident of National Sign Plazas

In his role as President, Grant Hayzlett develops National Sign Plazas’ strategic goals and guides the company’s vision as a leader in civic wayfinding and branded environments. Working as lead project manager for all of NSP’s business nationwide, he has developed a keen knowledge of how wayfinding systems promote economic development, community development and interactive environments in both public and private sectors.

Hayzlett holds a degree in Communications from the University of Colorado and has worked as an entrepreneur since the age of sixteen. Having built businesses in three different industries over the course of two decades, he understands the interconnectivity and outreach required to make any project a success. Through his roles within business development, he understands the need to create strategies and goals that reflect client desires; an important skill given the unique nature of civic environments.

Hayzlett is current member of the American Planning Association, the International City and County Managers Association and the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

Daniel Wilson
Daniel WilsonController for National Sign Plazas

Daniel Wilson is the Controller for National Sign Plazas. In his role, he manages the accounts and financial analysis of both the company and its clients to provide the best possible value for both. In his previous position, Wilson was the Chief Financial Officer for Goalie Entertainment and a Controller for Colorado Pride Foods.

Wilson has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Patrick Fuller
Patrick FullerDivision Manager for National Sign Plazas

While Division Manager, Patrick was responsible for overall performance of the Denver Division. Duties included sales and marketing, account management, budget preparation and planning, and employee reviews. In addition to being involved with the day to day operations of the business, Patrick also implemented methods to maximize profits by implementing cost tracking devices, employee accountability and loss prevention. Instrumental in expanding Arrow Graphics from single product line (WEDS), to a more diverse portfolio. While the Division Manager the Denver Division from (2003-2007) performed at its highest revenue levels to date. In addition while Division Manager, Patrick was instrumental in securing and implementing the NSP Homebuilder Directional Sign programs in Firestone, Johnstown and Evans Colorado.

As National Operations Manager, Patrick worked with all divisions of NSP and Arrow Graphics divisions nationwide, both on a staff development level, special project oversight, and business development. Staff development duties would include training new division managers, expanding the skill set of division managers. For special projects, Patrick worked closely with Senior Project Manager relative to the effective and ideal planning of directional way-finding systems. Planning of civic way-finding consists of developing a comprehensive strategy that governs programming and sequencing of directional signs.

Steve Startzell
Steve StartzellSouthwest Government Relations Officer for National Sign Plazas

With more than 24 years of business experience, Steve Startzell brings an overreaching knowledge of the needs of cities and counties in his role as the Southwest Government Relations Officer for National Sign Plazas. Working throughout the Southwest, Startzell enables communities to better manage their traffic flow by implementing well-planned and designed direction sign programs. He works directly with municipal programs such as Economic Development Councils or Tourism and Visitors Bureaus to look for the most beneficial way to fund their needed wayfinding programs.

Startzell’s previous roles as a sales representative for companies such as Digital Air Control, Way Engineering and Ackerley Airport Advertising, have provided him insight into the needs of not only the municipalities, but also the end users. He uses this gained expertise to provide the best possible solution for all.

Startzell has a degree in Advertising from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Gregory Allen
Gregory AllenSoutheast Government Relations Officer for National Sign Plazas

Greg Allen is the Southeast Government Relations Officer for National Sign Plazas, with over 35 years of proven experience in community economic development and government relations. He has worked in both the private and government sector and earned the respect of economic development professionals throughout the United States.

In his previous assignments he served as Founding Director of Fulton County Georgia’s business incubation program and Sr. Contract Compliance Officer. He also served as Director of Industry Retention & Expansion and Economic Development Specialist in the Louisiana Department of Commerce & Industry and consulted on development projects across the United States.

Allen has established himself as an expert in municipal branding and directional Wayfinding and their benefits related to economic development. He hold a degree in marketing from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, as well as Certified Economic Developer (CED) and Certified Industrial Developer (CID) designations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wayfinding system is a multi-functional solution comprised of signage, public art and other civic features. It orients people and helps them transition from driving or walking and while giving them the necessary information to get where they need to go.
A good wayfinding system gives all of the necessary indicators to let someone know where they currently are and how to get to their desired destination. They also work to help tell the story of a brand through colors, copy, placement and lighting. A sign is a static feature with a singular function. When placing generic signage, it is important to remember that visitors do not have the same level of interaction and experience as they will with a compressive wayfinding system.
First impressions are everything! Which is why cities and homebuilders want to give visitors the necessary information that will spur them to take action. From visiting the local City Hall to finding the sales office, properly installed wayfinding systems always work to provide people with enough information to get to where they need to go. Wayfinding systems facilitate a positive civic brand.
There are a number of advantages to installing a unique and comprehensive wayfinding system;

  • Visitors Satisfaction – Proper signage will help visitors to have a more positive experience by reducing instances of getting lost and travel frustrations, often resulting in frequent return visits.
  • Economic Development – Implementing a strategy to help attract business and capture resident and tourist dollars, is essential to the success of any city. A properly designed wayfinding system makes the environment “legible” and helps visitors discover unique events, attractions, parking and shopping areas, resulting in continued growth for cities and builders, alike.
  • Cohesive Brand Identity – Wayfinding is a lot more than just a randomly placed sign! Developing an identity or a “brand,” is an essential aspect of all successful wayfinding programs. At NSP, we combine marketing, consensus building, identity, planning, function, design and installation to help define your brand… and help visitors efficiently navigate public and private spaces.

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